The desire to learn and to teach are among the most basic feelings of a person. However, speaking a language is also an inherent phenomenon in humans. Communication, sharing, cohabitation and existence are only possible with language. Since the beginning of humanity, the learning of languages, the knowledge of different cultures and the communication between them have existed and will never disappear.

The Institut Plus-que-Parfait is a private educational institution established in Strasbourg, France, primarily for the purpose of providing education in French. Established in March 2021, our goal is to provide innovative education to citizens of the world.


The Institut Plus-que-Parfait is committed to the principles of equality, freedom and fraternity, which are the values ​​of the Republic

Rejecting all forms of discrimination, we promote living together, the sharing of humanist values ​​and respect for diversity which are a source of peace and prosperity.

Education is a fundamental human right and must be accessible to all.