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€1500 - 3000

Online Pack

Contact us for the 6 month pack. Recognized as the reference digital platform for professional writing, Orthodidacte offers additional online tools to regain confidence in one's writing: - diagnosis and personalized training through its innovative e-learning solution; - certification of skills through Le Robert Certification; - online dictation thanks to its dictation platform.

A1 - Understand and use familiar and everyday expressions as well as very simple statements aimed at satisfying concrete needs.

A2 - Understand isolated sentences and frequently used expressions relating to areas of the daily environment (e.g. simple personal and family information, shopping, work, etc.)

B1 - Understand the main points of a discussion when clear, standard language is used and if these are familiar things at work, at school, at leisure, etc.

B2 - Understand the essential content of concrete or abstract subjects in a complex text, including a technical discussion in his specialty.

C1 - Understand long and demanding texts and understand implicit meanings. Express yourself spontaneously and fluently without having to search for words too much.

C2 - Understand almost everything that is read or heard effortlessly. To be able to reconstruct facts and arguments from various written and oral sources by using them.


3 month: 1500 €
ONLINE + 12 hours special coaching
Group of 5 - 15 people possibility
Beginning of courses when you want
3 Monthly: